Payroll Management

Reasons to Outsource Your Payroll Functions to Us:

Frees up time for you

Our efficient staff takes over payroll management and leaves you free to focus on your core business. Our team is up to date on all current regulations and handles payroll with zero errors.

Cost Effective

Our rates are lower than what you would pay regular staff to handle payroll and associated compliances to regulations.

Payroll Tax Filing

Our services include calculation of taxes and filing of tax returns in compliance with the latest federal, state and local payroll tax laws. You have peace of mind.

Detailed reports

Our services include generation of a variety of payroll reports such as certified payroll, workers’ compensation reports and union reports.

Custom solutions

With our expertise and resources we customize payroll solutions to fit your business methods in the most cost effective way. We offer three options:

Comprehensive Payroll Services

  • Preparation of payroll checks in time using laser printers in compliance with micro encoding standards specified by the Federal Reserve System
  • Direct deposit into payee’s account
  • IRS and State Tax reporting along with EFTPS tax deposit
  • Period reports including 1099, W3 and W2 forms
  • Reports on vacations, sick days, personal days for each employee
  • New hire reports
After the Fact Payroll Services:

In this service we computerize all manual records with these consequent benefits:

  • IRS and State Tax reporting in addition to EFTPS tax deposits
  • Period reporting including W3, W2 and 1099 forms
  • Vacation, sick days, personal leave days for each employee including overtime
  • Regular maintenance of records
Online Payroll Processing

Access our services online and enter each employee’s details in a secure way with these benefits:

  • Print payroll checks
  • Direct deposit to employee’s bank account
  • IRS, State Tax and EFTPS tax deposits reporting
  • Periodic reports, Form 1099, W2 and W3
  • Vacation, leave and sick days reporting for each employee
  • New hire reports
  • Regular maintenance of records