QuickBooks™ Setup

If you are a business owner and are going in for QuickBooks™ for the first time, it pays to set it up right. This is especially important when you are switching from manual to QuickBooks™ computer accounting package halfway through the accounting year. QuickBooks™ offers a variety of accounting methods and you must choose the right one suited to your business model. These and other factors are involved when it comes to setting up QuickBooks™ the right way before you start using it.
Leave it to us to set up QuickBooks™ for you. We have certified and licensed QuickBooks™ professionals on our team, well versed not only with its specifics but also with various business methods of individuals, professionals, small business owners and enterprises.
Our experts will analyze your current methods of accounting before setting up QuickBooks™. We offer full support not only for set up but also for training you or your employees on the best ways to use this software. Training helps to increase their efficiency and productivity. The right set up by our experts also ensures that QuickBooks™ does not just take care of routine accounting, but also becomes your management tool. It can provide useful analytics that will help you take decisions to streamline cash flows, optimize expenses and increase business.
We provide custom support for QuickBooks™ and can give you a quote only after detailed analysis of your business structure, present methods of accounting, your expectations of outcomes and support required thereafter.
Here is all that we do by way of QuickBooks™ setup:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your accounting methods and future needs
  • Recommend hardware and software components
  • Install QuickBooks™, configure and fine tune it for chart of accounts, payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable and other functions
  • Fix the starting date
  • Load chart of accounts and balances from the starting date
  • Stock and inventory inclusion with rates and taxes
  • Computerize accounts receivables and payables from the starting date
  • Computerize bank balances, outstanding checks and deposits from the starting date
  • Enter transactions from starting date
  • Train your employees to use QuickBook

Ongoing Support • We do not leave you high and dry after setting up QuickBooks™. Our team provides full support services that include training in the initial stages and being available to answer any queries at any time. • We follow this up with periodic assessment of how matters are progressing and offer assistance to prepare reports and tax filing. Call us for QuickBooks™ setup—this is the right way to get started.

QuickBooks™ Training

Knowledge of QuickBooks™ comes through practice and hands-on training. Training does make a difference when you are using a new software package, especially an involved one like QuickBooks™ that takes time to master.
We have certified and experienced QuickBooks™ professionals on our team. We offer training to you and your staff once we install and set up QuickBooks™ so that your team gets it right and builds up confidence in using this versatile accounting software. Our method of training:

  • Contract with us and we will depute our expert to your premises to train you and your staff at a time convenient to you. This is a far better method than attending classes because each one receives personal attention and actually works on your company’s accounts instead of on mock data.
  • Our trainer will not only help in the use of all features of QuickBooks™ but will also provide valuable tips and insights into getting more out of it.
  • If there are any issues our trainer resolves them on the spot
  • Our trainer focuses only on those features that are useful to you and your organization.

No doubt individuals can learn QuickBooks™ from books and online forums but it takes time and work may be affected. Instead, nominally priced training helps you get off to a jump start and achieve more. Get in touch with us to know about QuickBooks™ training options.

QuickBooks™ Answers

Have a question related to QuickBooks™?
We have the answer to every question. Do not hesitate; get in touch with us and get answers.
Whether it is QuickBooks™ software or related accounting, the right information at the right time helps in accuracy of records. With our certified and licensed QuickBooks™ always available you need never worry. You can always email us or, if you want quick answers on the spot, telephone us.
Affordable support
Our rates are affordable. You can opt for per question payment or you can go in for an all inclusive annualized service support with any number of questions. We promise resolution within 24 hours by QuickBooks™ certified professional.
Money back guarantee
We are confident about our capabilities and offer a money back guarantee if our responses do not resolve your issues. However, this situation will never arise.
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Buy QuickBooks™ and Save

QuickBooks™ comes in many versions, each with specific features suited to various business segments. These versions are:

  • QuickBooks™ Simple Start
  • QuickBooks™ Pro
  • QuickBooks™ Premier
  • QuickBooks™ Retail Point of Sale
  • QuickBooks™ Premier Contractors Edition
  • QuickBooks™ Premier Professional Services Edition
  • QuickBooks™ Premier Manufacturer and Wholesale Edition
  • QuickBooks™ Premier Non-profit Edition
  • QuickBooks™ Online Edition
  • Short descriptions of each version:
QuickBooks™ Simple Start

Developed for small businesses and individuals, Simple Start keeps accounts organized in a simple way. It is easy to use and is flexible. Features:

  • Flexible, adapted for small business
  • Manage finances easily and quickly
  • Improved help and support center
  • Schedule automated backups on different media
  • Flexible form printing
  • Create budgets

The Simple Start edition lacks advanced features such as porting to other applications, creating budgets and planning tools found in Premier and Pro versions.

Key Advantages
  • Create receipts, invoice and make deposits
  • Track sales and expenses
  • Pay bills, prepare for tax and organize customer data
  • Create professional estimates and invoices
  • Search for and find transactions and find totals
QuickBooks™ Pro QuickBooks™ Online Edition

This is a cloud based Online Edition similar to the QuickBooks™ Starter. You can access your account from any device through a secure and encrypted internet connection. Data is stored securely on QuickBooks™ remote servers.

Key features and advantages
  • Access to data by authorized personnel through secure log in, from any device and from anywhere.
  • Easily update records, generate reports, track expenses and income
  • Access for multiple users, limited or full, defined according to your wishes, with secure log in
  • Monitor all activities by all users
  • Automatic QuickBooks™ data storage and backup on secure servers
  • Generate invoices, print checks, reports
  • This version is perfect for enterprises with branches and operations in various geographic locations and for professionals who are constantly on the move.