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Personal Financial Planning

Financial Freedom, No Worries About Your Future Creating wealth, safeguarding it and making it grow securely underlie our personal financial planning services. Our team of expert consultants provide end to end financial services that take care of:

  • Managing risk
  • Ensuring higher returns on safe investments
  • Long term capital appreciation
  • Growth of wealth

Retirement savings

Our experts analyze your current assets and source of income, review shortfalls, identify best way to make your capital appreciate while keeping it steady and assuring a steady income at the same time.

Pay for children’s education

Our financial experts plan for your future security while factoring in contingencies such as college education expenses and unexpected requirements of funds in a risk managed, secure way.

Small Business

Our small business accounting service focuses exclusively on small business owners. Retain us and you can focus on your core business of generating business and revenues.Here is what we can do for you ever month end or every quarter:

  • Generate Balance Sheet
  • Manage general ledgers
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Generate an income statement
  • Offer consultations without limits
Advanced services cover:
  • Payroll
  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation & filing
  • Analytics and reporting

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Small business owners find payroll accounting and payroll preparation a rather nerve rattling experience. Laws come into play and IRS too will want you to account for payments to employees. An error, whether of commission or omission, could land you into trouble with the employees, with the regulatory bodies or with IRS. Short-circuit all these issues with our payroll solutions.

Tax Services

One of the greatest hassles for small business owners and professionals is the preparation and filing of income tax returns. Errors of commission or omission are likely to result in penalties or lots of explanations. On the other hand, if you use our professional tax preparation services, you are guaranteed a flawless process and peace of mind. Our experts, with their depth of knowledge and years of experience as well as knowledge of current amendments, make a complicated process quite easy and save you tax dollars in the process.

QuickBook™ Services

There are several accounting software on the market but only one that stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is Quickbooks™. Every serious businessman should use only this package and there are compelling reasons such as:

  • Automated software reduces time and paperwork, saving costs and helping you get immediate information
  • It is easy to generate reports on virtually any parameter to know the state of health of your business
  • Quickbooks™ is affordable in relation to the features it offers and can be adapted for small businesses, individuals and larger enterprises
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So Many Quickbooks™ Features

Quickbooks™ Setup

If you are a business owner and are going in for Quickbooks™ for the first time, it pays to set it up right.Read More

Quickbooks™ Training

Knowledge of Quickbooks™ comes through practice and hands-on training. Training does make a difference when you are using a new software package, especially an involved one like Quickbooks™ that takes time to master

Quickbooks™ Answers

Have a question related to Quickbooks™? We have the answer to every question. Do not hesitate; get in touch with us and get answers.

Quick Tune-up

With our specialization and in-depth knowledge of Quickbooks™, we can help fine tune it. The operation will help you derive more benefits, save time and overcome problems. Our Quickbooks™ certified professionals will help clean up and fine tune your Quickbooks™ setup in as little as 4 hours.

Quickbooks™ Online Edition

This is a cloud based Online Edition similar to the Quickbooks™ Starter. You can access your account from any device through a secure and encrypted internet connection. Data is stored securely on Quickbooks™ remote servers.